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Zyto Compass Scan

With today’s environment of pandemics, super bugs, cancers, toxins and much more, it is imperative for people to take care of their natural heath. For this reason, Thrive Naturals is at the leading edge of Natural Health Care.

We use the Zyto Compass, which performs a non-invasive body analysis that looks for health solutions, through complementary means. These scans are designed by some of the best and brightest professionals in the world for the purpose of providing the most pertinent information about your wellness. At the completion of the scan, you will receive a detailed report. One of our staff will review your results with you.


HOW DOES IT WORK? The Zyto Compass measures electricity flows within the body similar to the way a lie detector machine works. In fact, a recent hospital study found a 93% correlation between bio-survey results and prescribed choices made by doctors for their study patients. Everybody is different. There is no ‘cure-all’ nutritional solution. Most of the time people are taking unnecessary supplements or not the correct ones.

Zyto Compass ‘reads’ the body to assist you to:

  • Achieve optimal health by treating problems faster
  • Eliminate unnecessary supplements
  • Save money
  • Use some of the best supplements available today

We use Nature’s Sunshine Products for our Zyto Compass analysis, as in our experience, they produce the best results. They also contain no toxins or additives and are recognized by both medical and naturopathic doctors worldwide.

It is best to avoid sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, corn, soy and starches (especially if you have a chronic health condition). Also, extra minerals are almost always necessary due to the lack of nutrients from our present day food sources.

Most healing programs take a minimum of 2 months to show results. Sometimes a person may feel worse during the healing, which is known as a “healing crisis.” This will pass. As the body heals, supplements may be adjusted or eliminated. A follow-up is usually recommended between 6 weeks to 3 months.

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What Customers Are Saying: 

I am pleased with the results that I have been able to achieve with my digestive and overall health by adding nutritional supplements recommended by Thrive Naturals to my daily program. The knowledgeable staff took the time to listen and assess my health issues and were able to suggest products that really made a difference. Finding this store has been a godsend and I would recommend a visit to anyone who wants to improve their health and well being. The ZYTO Compass provided feedback to increase my knowledge.
Marcia Urdang, DDS
Nelson, BC

I was having an annoying pain in my liver area so I decide to do a ZYTO Compass scan. The products that showed up were all directed to live and digestion. To take it a step further I decided to go to my naturopath Doctor to see if he came up with the same results as the Compass. His tests confirmed what the Compass revealed. So I decided to follow the protocol the Compass set out and within one month 50% of my symptoms improved. In two months my pain was gone and the various digestive problems cleared up. I know a Compass scan every six months to stay on top of my health. Knowing I have a reliable source to help me take the right product for my immediate health concern is a relief and saves me money and best of all I take less supplements.
Pat N.
Westbank, BC

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