Thrive Naturals

Something for Everyone

Vitamins & Supplements


Thrive Naturals offers the widest selection of vitamins and supplements in West Kelowna. Look for vitamins with a NPN or DIN number on the label as they have been assessed by Health Canada. They are considered safe, of high quality, and do what they claim.

Hard to find Herbs


We have numerous herbs from Westpoint Naturals and Harmonic Arts. Both British Columbia companies.  

Essential Oils


Enjoy natural fragrances and unique aromas with our huge selection of high quality essential oils and blends for all over the world. Thrive Narurals also have numerous diffusers and jewellery items to choose from. Four of our top selling brands are: Nature's Sunshine, Now , Wow (from Naramada. B.C.) and Young Living. 

Sports & Fitness Supplements

Improve and thrive! Sports nutrition and protein available at Thrive Naturals.

Improve and be your best! Come by and we can help you find a clean and perfect protein. Thrive Naturals also has pre and post workout supplements as well as products that will help you recovery faster.

Nature's Sunshine brand


Nature’s Sunshine premium quality products do more than improve people’s health—they transform their lives. Sourced, manufactured and tested against the most rigorous quality standards, this unique product portfolio delivers more than over 220 personalized solutions to optimize your health.  Thrive Naturals is the largest retail distributor in British Columbia. 

Health First brand

Looking for the blue bottle? Health First

This Canadian brand is dedicated to providing great quality at excellent prices. The Health First Network is Canada’s leading independent health & wellness retailer group with over 114 stores across the country to provide you with vitamins and supplements,  natural health products, and more. Thrive Naturals is the exclusive retailer in West Kelowna.

keto Diet & HCG Program


Find your keto essentials at Thrive Naturals from  coconut oils to on-the-go snacks.  

The hCG diet combines homeopathic diet drops with a low-calorie eating plan for fast weight reduction. This unique program allows dieters to safely maximize their weight loss without experiencing the hunger pangs and cravings that are typical of normal dieting.  

SPECIALTY local breads


 We are the only retailer in West Kelowna that sells the "local favourite" breads that you have been hearing about from Just Pies in Penticton and Master Bakery in Kelowna.  Keto and paleo diet friendly.

Come get your fresh Master Bakery coconut bread every Tuesday and Friday afternoon (otherwise frozen).  Fresh breads from Just Pies are delivered every second Saturday.

Healthy Snacks & Drinks


  • Kombucha, coconut and almond milk.
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Protein bars
  • Sugarless candy
  • Grocery items
  • Keto snacks 

Health and Beauty



Zambrosa, Noni juice, Hemp seeds, Cocoa nibs, apricot kernals, etc..

Zyto Compass Programs

Zyto Compass scan available at Thrive Nauturals.

We use the Zyto Compass, which performs a non-invasive body analysis that looks for health solutions, through complementary means. These scans are designed by some of the best and brightest professionals in the world for the purpose of providing the most pertinent information about your wellness. At the completion of the scan, you will receive a detailed report. One of our staff will review your results with you.