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Just Pies breads available at Thrive Naturals in West Kelowna.

Coconut Bread in West Kelowna

 Thrive Naturals gets a delivery of coconut flour bread and flatbread almost every Tuesday and Friday afternoon from Master Bakery located in Kelowna (sorry they do not sell directly to consumers) . These have become our #1 sellers.

We are also the only retailer in West Kelowna that sells breads from  from Just Pies in Penticton. 

We get a delivery every second Saturday. Follow us on Facebook to find out the exact dates. 

Just Pies Ingredient list:

Coconut bread - organic coconut flour, sea salt, water

(no grains, no yeast, no oils, or sugar added.)

Buckwheat bread or pizza dough - organic buckwheat, water, sea salt.

(no yeast added)

Carbsmart bread (net carbs about 3g) - organic oat flour, organic sorghum, organic oat bran, organic flax and sunflower seeds, water, sea salt.

(no added yeast, sugar, oils or wheat) 

Pies* - organic coconut flour crust with apple or berry filling.

(no sugar added)  

*occassionally in-stock