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What are Liposomal Supplements?

If you have ever stood in a health food store, overwhelmed at the thousands of supplement options, you are not alone. Across the board, the quality of supplements varies greatly and determining the best one is no easy task. There are many factors to consider, but it all comes down to how much of the supplement can be absorbed. After all, your body can only use what it is able to absorb. For example, a supplement containing milk thistle herb is of no use if it claims to improve your liver health, but dissolves before it reaches the liver cells. Liposomal nutrient delivery is an exciting development in the world of natural health – one that prioritizes effective absorption and ease of digestion. Although traditional supplements still get the job done, liposomals are a great alternative for those who experience gastrointestinal issues, struggle with swallowing large capsules, or are simply looking to upgrade their usual supplemental routine.

The lowdown on supplements

The most common forms of supplements are capsules, tablets, and liquid. Capsules are powdered nutrients stored in a gelatin or plant fibre shell. Similarly, tablets consist of powdered ingredients that are tightly pressed together to make a hard pill. To keep tablets together, special additives or coatings may be used. Lastly, liquid supplements contain a dissolved form of the nutrient in water, made possible with the addition of natural preservatives and flavour enhancers.

More about capsules, tablets and liquid supplements

A capsule’s shell and tablet’s coating are designed to dissolve after you swallow the pill, which is possible thanks to the warm and wet environment of your digestive tract. However, individuals with digestive issues may have trouble breaking down capsules and tablets. Depending on the specific shell or coating makeup, the capsule or tablet can break down at unpredictable rates. Capsules are typically available in gelatin and vegetable varieties. Vegetable capsules, in addition to being completely free of animal products, offer more stability when stored for long periods of time, and dissolve faster in the stomach upon consumption. This tasteless option is popular for its convenience.

When capsules break down too slowly, the nutrients can pass right through the digestive tract without being absorbed. Should they break down too quickly, the nutrients may miss the critical absorption site in the intestines and cause gastrointestinal upset.

Liquid supplements are generally absorbed quicker. However, depending on how they are manufactured, some may have their own shortcomings. Because many liquid supplements are not contained in a protective coating, the dissolved nutrients are prone to degradation when exposed to oxygen or light for long periods.

CanPrev’s liposomal advantage

Superior absorption

Liposomal supplements overcome the major challenges that regular supplement forms face. We use a patented micellular liposome technology to ensure each dose of the supplement is completely absorbed by the body, delivering on the potency it promises.

In a liposomal supplement, the nutrients are contained in nano-sized containers called micelles. Micelles are protected by a layer of fatty acids, similar to the outer membrane that protects your cells. These micelles carry the material directly to cells and tissues. The protection of the fatty acid membrane helps them remain intact until they reach their target site. As a result, a higher percentage of the supplement can be used by the body.

Controlled nutrient delivery

Micelles do a great job protecting the nutrient contents on its own, but we take it one step further by using multi-layered micellar delivery. This superior technology allows the nutrients in the micelle to be released over a longer period, eliminating the need for multiple doses throughout the day.

Once the micelle reaches the target site, each layer of micelle membrane peels back one by one. Instead of providing a large dose at once and wasting extra content, the nutrients are delivered at a steady rate. The nutrient can thus exert its effect for a longer period.

Strategic packaging

All fats are prone to oxidation, and the fatty acids in the liposomes’ micelle membranes are no exception. Liposomes can become damaged when they are exposed to oxygen or light.

To overcome these limitations, our liposomes are stored in opaque BPA-free plastic bottles that protect the product from light. Each liposomal product is inserted in the bottle by a single machine-controlled injection and then sealed with nitrogen. This process minimizes the risk of oxygenation by ensuring there is no oxygen present.

Fun fact: The “hissing” sound you may hear when you open a new bottle confirms that no oxygen has leaked in!


Many liposomal supplements are great on paper, but don’t measure up in a taste test. Canprev has created liposomal supplements to meet scientific standards without compromising the taste. Their secret? An extra purification step.

During the liposomal production process, the micelles go through an extra bicarbonate purification process to enhance the flavour. Bicarbonate prevents degradation of the nutrient by neutralizing toxic by-products such as peroxide and free oxygen. In this unique process, bicarbonate acts as a deodorizer, keeping the taste and smell of the product as natural as possible.

Thrive Naturals now offers these popular supplements in liposomal form including Vitamin C and Curcumin with more to come soon. 

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